This lesson is part of the Cornucopia: Word Formation revised series (2022) and includes:

  • Tips for learning and teaching word formation to high-level learners, and information about corpus-based wordlists
  • A Student’s Worksheet that provides word families of the words consider and desire, followed by sentence-based word formation exercises
  • A Self-Study Notes page that provides answers to the word formation exercises, additional corpus-based lists of collocations and word patterns, etc.

This resource can be used to prepare for Cambridge English examinations—including B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE), and C2 Proficiency (CPE)—and for other advanced English language proficiency examinations and competitions worldwide: English Language Olympiads, gifted education, contests for talented students and advanced English language majors, English Language Arts, etc. It can also be used to expand vocabulary in general and academic contexts.

Supporting international English Language Olympiads: Future Intelligence Students Olympiad (FISO English), Hippo English Language Olympiad (HELO), KGL English Language Olympiad, Global English Language Olympiad of Southeast Asia (GELOSEA), Willkommen International English Language Competition, Getlitt! Reading Olympiad (GRO), all Spelling Bees competitions, etc.